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Many brides struggle with this topic especially around this time of the year where we start to experience what it was like dealing with flowers in severely cold weather conditions. As we struggle to ensure that they did not wither away, we often ask, how it would have been if silk flowers were used instead? Here are some benefits of using real florals as well as benefits for silk florals. Hopefully this will help you decide when it comes time to booking your wedding flowers.

Benefits of using real flowers 

Real flowers look more authentic and unique since they are not being massed produced. From a distance it can be hard to tell a physical difference between real and silk flowers, but up close, real flowers ultimately look and feel more rich. They are also easier for florists to fill the gaps of a bouquet better than silk florals and not to mention the wonderful fresh scent as you enter the room. Although they last only a few days, their price tends to be cheaper than the top quality silk florals. When being used as centrepieces, remember you will have hundreds of fresh florals to dispose of.

Which of these centrepieces is using real flowers? And which are the fake flowers? 

Benefits of using artificial flowers

In decorating with silk flowers there would be no worry of them looking dull. They stay looking alive and fresh for the entire wedding and the cold weather would not be a concern when transporting the flowers and no need to keep them in water. If not covered up, real flowers can begin to look poor but with fake flowers they could be out in the open in any temperature and remain just fine. They are the more cost effective option as they can be reused, sold or kept as a keepsake.

Deciding which flowers to use can be a tough decision. Make sure in your thought process be sure to consider the temperature and means of transportation before making the final choice. What do you feel are the benefits and disadvantages to using one type of flower over the other?

Photo #1 in the top left-hand corner is the only "real floral" centrepiece!

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